Through space and time…

I have awakened. I am true self.

Conqueror, I am the one
Immortalist for all time
We oppose this ascension
This mortal has become a threat
I have been to the depths of heaven
I have seen the spires of hell
Look back at the path you are taking
The past holds no guilt upon you now

You exist of in a realm of confusion, all you is see illusion of real time
Beyond the self, I am gaining momentum
Accelerating my soul, gaining momentum
I have awakened the mindʼs eye; I am true self

Human thoughts and limitations have escaped from my psyche.
Our tools built bone and sinew. Seeds of a future youʼll soon regret.
Rolling forward with the power of motion, kinetic energy envelops me.
Understand the evolution you have stolen. Their mortality belongs to me.

I have become the night. Illuminate to implode; black hole
I am the final storm. Awaken the conflict through space and time
I am the final – awaken. I am the final storm


from The Immortalist, Pt. 2 - Momentum, released February 1, 2016
Music by: James Duncan
Words by: James Duncan, Sean Jenkins, Jeff Waite



all rights reserved


Divinity Calgary, Alberta

Heavy Metal band since 1997. Bringing you a wall of sound that is a blend of Thrash, Death, Classic, and Progressive Metal.

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