The Immortalist, Pt​.​1 - Awestruck

by Divinity



Part 1 of The Immortalist Trilogy

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released April 22, 2013

Recorded at Perfect Fifth Audio Architects
Engineered, Edited, Mixed, and Produced by Sacha Laskow



all rights reserved


Divinity Calgary, Alberta

Heavy Metal band since 1997. Bringing you a wall of sound that is a blend of Thrash, Death, Classic, and Progressive Metal.

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Track Name: Distorted Mesh
No way out.

Dead set on brutality, Feeding on our minds, Forcing their nightmare
Conscious aliens

Caught in the world of the dead, Far from the minds of men
In your brain, in your veins, in your dreams, Distorting
In your skin, in your bones, all hope fades

Welcome to the pain of distorted mesh

Slave to the master, part of disaster, caught in the web, no escape
The nightmare is real, it's all I feel and no one hears me scream

Burn in distorted mesh
Your god left you in this eternal torture (no way out)
Slave to the rhyme of time
blinded by your fear, state of the paradigm

I will not let you escape, I will live here forever
I will not leave you alone

Frozen in the abyss, Your life extinguished
Mental abduction, conscious aliens

No way out.
Track Name: All Seeing Eyes
You don't know the truth, you must seek the truth, you don't know the truth

Collective eyes observe confined
Millions of minds form intersecting lines
Rise to higher consciousness
Can you feel the observer change the course of reality?

We're in the zietgiest, [you don't know] we're out of sight, [you don't know] We're in the night life, [you don't know] Your life
The whole world is watching you; They`ll stop at nothing.

Make some history, this is your time received
Your temporary moment to connect, inspire consciousness
Reach inside the hidden mind; Dreamscape comes alive. Reach out to connect.
The whole world is watching you; They`ll stop at nothing.

Around the world we can connect to new dimensions
Through the eyes of the earth itself
Extending your mind, Dissolving boundaries

The Sun burns us to ashes. Watching us all. The eyes. The all seeing eyes. The eyes. Watching us all. They'll stop at nothing.
Track Name: Lucid Creator
Focus my mind - mind over matter
Until all I know becomes still - eternal dreaming
A battle between our habits and novelty - you will see
Results in fluid function is the key to everything

You will see
Reaching forward
Lucid dreams are just the start

As above. so below
Leave my waking life
My time is soon, but not tomorrow
Leave my waking life

Dreaming awake at the end of time - as a soliton
Open the door to new dimensions - open the door
A battle between our habits and novelty - you will see
Results in fluid function is the key to everything

You fear, you fear the worst, I am nemesis
I give you a dose of pain, I give y ou a dose of reality
I am nemesis, I show you your Hell.

(Solo by Sacha Laskow)
(Solo by James Duncan)
Track Name: The Dead Speak From Beyond
I'm slipping away the end's in sight.
As I sit and think of days gone by
Memories are laughed and cried
But there's so much left unsaid inside.

When you surfaced on the other side
Did you send a message?
A vision of your travel through my dreams

If we could only discuss these things
When you were near me
But now you're gone
The dead speak from beyond
The dead speak from beyond
From beyond

I snap from the pressure once again; boiling inside
A blanket of darkness is all I see
Visions, I want to curl up and die but I hear your voice inside of me.
Inside of me

I'm slipping away the ends in sight